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The sm tools are a set of tools developed to create and edit streaming movie files (sm). The sm movies support tiled images, multiple level of detail, and several types of intraframe (but not inter-frame) image compression. The streaming movie format is sutable for large high-resolution movies being displayed on cluster displays.


Machines and Versions

See LC graphics software page.


Please use dotkit to "find" the tools as follows: use blockbuster

The actual location is /usr/gapps/asciviz/blockbuster/latest/$SYS_TYPE


The dotkit command use blockbuster will set your PATH, MANPATH and other variables as needed.


The following tools are available as part of sm tools:

img2sm: Merge images into an sm movie.
sm2img: Extract individual images from an sm movie.
ps2sm: Convert a PostScript of a PDF file into an sm movie.
sm2mpg: Convert an sm movie into an MPEG movie.
sm2qt: Convert an sm movie into a quicktime movie.
smcat: Create an sm movie from a set of input sm files.
smevo: Create a CEI EVO movie file from an sm movie and vice versa.
smtest: Test the integrity and performance of an sm movie file.
sminfo: Print vital statisitcs about an sm movie.

Usage information for all of these commands is available by typing the name of the command without arguments.


Once the blockbuster dotkit is sourced, man pages are availble for each sm* command variant.

Type man sm for more information on the streaming movie format.

Help is available from LC's Hotline.


The sm tools are included in the blockbuster, xmovie, and TeraScale Browser distributions.