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xv is an interactive image manipulation program for the X Window System. It can operate on images in the GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, XPM, X11 bitmap, Sun Rasterfile, Targa, RLE, RGB, BMP, PCX, FITS, and PM formats on all known types of X displays. It can generate PostScript files, and if you have ghostscript (version 2.6 or above) installed on your machine, it can also display them. xv can be used to display images, capture a portion of the screen, do image manipulation and processing, and convert image formats. Other installed tools in the xv toolset are bggen, vdcomp, xcmap, xv, xvpictoppm.
NOTICE: xv is shareware and programmatic use at LLNL is not licensed. Please check the xv website at to see whether your program might need to pay the $25 shareware fee.


Machines and Versions

See LC graphics software page.


The following xv binaries are available:

Extensive, detailed documentation is available via manpages or at /usr/local/docs/


No environment settings are required to run xv.


Simply type xv, bggen, vdcomp, xcmap or xvpicttoppm.


Extensive, detailed documentation is available via manpages or at /usr/local/docs/ Documentation for xv can also be found on the xv home page. Help is available from the, (925) 422-4531.


xv can be downloaded and installed on your local workstation.