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IBM Parallel Performance Toolkit for Sierra Systems

October 17, 2018


October 17, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm

Description This workshop introduces application developers to the IBM Parallel Performance Toolkit (PPT) for use on Livermore Computing's Sierra HPC systems. PPT is an integrated set of performance analysis tools that help the application developer tune a serial or parallel application.  The workshop provides a detailed presentation of the toolkit's different components and their functionality, and hands-on examples of how to use the different tools in the toolkit.
After this workshop, participants will be able to use the IBM Parallel Performance Toolkit to do the following on LC's Sierra systems:
  • Profile an application’s execution for identifying hotspots in the application, and for locating relationships between functions in your application to help you better understand the application’s performance
  • Access CPU and GPU hardware performance counters for performing low-level analysis of an application
  • Profile and trace an MPI application for analyzing MPI communication patterns and performance problems
  • Profile and trace an OpenMP application for analyzing OpenMP thread and OpenMP synchronization behavior to improve OpenMP performance

The workshop is comprised of two parts:  approximately 2 hours of instructor presentations followed by an opportunity for attendees to become familiar with PPT through hands-on exercises and discussions with the instructor on topics of interest, including using PPT with their own applications. 

Workshop accounts will be provided on an LC Sierra system for attendees interested in the hands-on exercises. 

What to Bring Important: Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops if they want to participate in the hands-on exercises. Additionally:
  • SSH software with X11 capability must be installed in order to connect to LC systems for the hands-on exercises. Mac systems will need XQuartz or something similar. Windows users will need to install an SSH client, such as X-Win32 (provided by LANDesk Management on LLNL systems).
  • Attendees must be able to connect to an LLNL wireless network (guest, green or yellow). This needs to be verified in advance as troubleshooting laptop connectivity problems during the workshop will be limited.
Location Laboratory Training Center 1, Trailer 1879 (near the West Gate Badge Office). Directions and contact information are available at:
Fee No cost
Level/Prerequisites Familiarity with running parallel programs in an HPC environment is highly recommended.
Registration Registration is required due to limited seating. Call or send e-mail to Blaise Barney (925-422-2578 / Note that attendance is limited to LLNL employees, collaborators and sponsored students.
Questions? Please call or send e-mail to Blaise Barney (925-422-2578 /