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From offsite: (925) 422-4531



8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

File Transfers and Miscellany

File Transfers

Files may be transferred using Hopper, SCP, FTP, SFTP, NFT, HSI, or HTAR.  For more details, see the File Transfer and Sharing section of Introduction to Livermore Computing Resources.

Miscellaneous Access Topics

X Terminal Control
For an X client (such as the TotalView debugger) to display on an X-display server (such as your X terminal or workstation), the client must be authorized to connect to the server. XAUTH offers an alternative way to manage this authorization.

Remote Access
An approved Remote Access Request is required for U.S. citizen collaborators (non-LLNL collaborators sponsored by an LLNL employee) for the following remote access accounts: VPN-C, VPN, VPN-B. Requests for remote access are made through the EZid Identity Management System.

Foreign Nationals at LLNL
There are additional access policies and restrictions for Foreign Nationals. See Foreign Nationals at LLNL for details.

Shared Office Facilities
Shared office facilities provided by Livermore Computing are available in Building 453 (authenticated users can visit Shared Office Policies on for specifics of location and policies). The shared offices have workstations that permit access to both the classified (SCF) and unclassified (OCF) networks. They are intended for users that do not have access to the SCF network from their own offices and need a temporary location from which to work. OCF network access is provided primarily as a convenience. For general information regarding access to and use of the shared office facilities, contact the LC Hotline at or 422-4531.

Additional Information