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8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

OTP (aka Tokens) for CZ, RZ, and SCF

One-Time Passwords

OCF and SCF users (except for LANL and Sandia on the SCF) authenticate using a PIN and an LLNL RSA token/one-time password (OTP). Additionally, OCF RZ users require a PIN and a RZ RSA token passcode. The LC Hotline will send you an LLNL RSA token and/or RZ RSA token when you are given an account. When you receive your LLNL RSA/RZ RSA token, you must enable it before you can log in. Instructions are provided with your account notification e-mail.

The same RSA token is used for both CZ and SCF; however, a different PIN is used for each network. RSA token information can also be found on One-Time Password Toolkit page, including token diagnostics and testing.

For specifics on using a RZ RSA token, refer to Technical Bulletin 513, RZ Token and Login Behavior Change. From the RZ Token Self-Help Website, you may change your PIN or resync your RZ RSA token.