SSH and VPN Access

Using SSH to Access LC Machines

Secure Shell (SSH), is the only login method for LC systems. SSH includes SCP or SFTP for file transfers between hosts. For more information on SSH and SCP, SSH access modes, RSA/DSA authentication, and how-tos, see the Secure Shell section of the Introduction to Livermore Computing Resources.

Consult the directions for Configuring X-Win32 for SSH Connections to LC Machines for first-time setup and routine connections via X-Win32 on a Windows PC.

The Using PuTTY guide is available on the LLNLWiki if you need instructions on how to access LC systems with PuTTY.

Use the Setting Up SSH Keys guide if you want to access LC production machines using passwordless authentication (only permitted between LC machines)

Currently, LC requires all SSH access to be compatible with SSH version 2.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

VPN access is provided for off-site, unclassified access to LC RZ machines. It is required for the following types of access:

  • Employees at home, on travel, or working off-site.
  • Non-employees and collaborators (such as the ASC Alliances) who are physically located outside of LLNL, while using RZ systems.
  • LANL and Sandia users when they are not physically at their lab.