Sample FTP Session

The following sample session (with annotated steps) shows a typical dialog by which a user (Jane) transfers files interactively using FTP. In this case, the local machine (on which Jane executes the FTP client) is Cab, and the remote machine that files are copied to and from is a local department server called depserver. (For an alternative approach on LC production machines, you can use Hopper as a graphical controller for FTP.)

(1) The user runs FTP (on Cab) with the remote machine's domain name as an argument.

Connected to
220 [NOTICE TO USERS -- very long legal statement]
222 FTP server (Version LLNL-27...) ready.
202 Command not implemented.

(2) FTP prompts for a user ID and a password to log in to depserver (some LC machines "preauthenticate" and skip this password step).

Name ( jane
331 Password required for jane.
Password: [does not echo]
230 User jane logged in. Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

(3) At the FTP prompt, change remote directories to /var/tmp/jane (which is not shared among LC machines).

ftp> cd /var/tmp/jane
250 CWD command successful.

(4) Next, get the file (copy it from depserver to Cab).

ftp> get
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening Binary data connection for
226 Transfer complete.
1602470 bytes received in 0.579 seconds (2.64 Mbytes/s)

(5) Next, put the file testfile (copy it from Cab to depserver).

ftp> put testfile
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening Binary data connection for testfile
226 Transfer complete. 5264 bytes sent in 0 seconds (5.14 Kbytes/s)

(6) The user then transfers a 1.1-Gbyte file called large from Cab to depserver. FTP automatically invokes four parallel stripes (each separately reported as FTP "completed" commands in the output).

ftp> put large
200 Command complete (11496780, large, 0, 4, 4194304)
200 Command complete. Address 1 is
200 Command complete. Address 2 is
200 Command complete. Address 3 is
200 Command complete. Address 4 is
150 Transfer starting.
226 Transfer complete. (moved = 11496780).
11496780 bytes sent in 0.79 seconds (16.3 Mbytes/s)
200 Command complete.

(7) When the file transfers are done and confirmed, quit FTP.

ftp> quit
221 Goodbye