FIS Passwords and Authorization Requests

To use FastFIS, you must already have an account and valid password for at least one open and one secure machine. Before your first use of FastFIS, you must request access via the File Interchange Service form. This form creates your FIS account. It needs Computer Coordinator approval for open-to-secure transfers, and it needs division or department head approval for secure-to-open transfers (which a DC always monitors). OCF (CZ/RZ)-to-SCF FIS and OCF (CZ/RZ)-to-iSNSI accounts do not expire once approved; however, SCF-to-OCF FIS accounts must be renewed annually, and failure to promptly renew them will cause LC to close the account.

Any user can receive authorization to move files from the open to the secure network. To receive authorization to move files from the secure to the open network, you must specify the kinds of files to be moved and obtain the approval of your division leader or department head (in the appropriate places on the FIS form). The instructions on the FIS form remind you of these requirements in relation to each blank.

Once you are authorized, you will be able to use your current authenticator-generated one-time password (RSA SecurID OTP for CZ-only users; RZ OTP for RZ-only and CZ/RZ users) to access the corresponding FastFIS server. On the SCF, the FIS server uses the password you use for SCF production machines. Each user of FastFIS has an account on both OCF (CZ or RZ) and SCF servers. A prerequisite for this is an established user record for LC's SCF. The user name for your FIS account is the same as your user name for any LC machine.