Authorization Levels: The Classification Review Categories

Most users are prohibited from transferring any data from the SCF to the OCF. The use of the secure transfer server is limited to retrieving files transferred from the open environment. Users have a TO directory as part of the standard work space, but any files placed in that directory will not be transferred.

NEED Category

For users who have a need and are authorized to transfer files from SCF to OCF, you will have the standard work space (TO and FROM directories) for submitting and retrieving files. Files that you place in the TO directory will be held in the TO directory awaiting DC review and approval. Typically, you submit files into the TO directory and then seek out a DC within your organization who is capable of reviewing your data. Your completed user request form contains the name of a DC pool; the DCs assigned to this pool are capable of reviewing your data. Ask your computer coordinator for the names of the DCs assigned to this pool. Each department or division determines its own file review policy for its own DCs. LC, for example, expects a "cognizant system administrator" DC to review system data before a second, routine review by a "FIS DC" takes place.

You and your DC(s) will usually begin by discussing the content of your submitted files. The DC is also able to select and copy your files for review and examine them on his or her local computer (assisted by a special program called ADCTOOL). The DC can accept the files as approved data and release them back into the transfer path or reject the files as disapproved data and purge the files from FIS.

When a file is selected for review by a DC, it is copied from your TO directory into a review area that is inaccessible by the user. (All files must be submitted in the TO directory, where they await DC inspection.)

So how do users find out if their files have completed review? One way is to ask the DC; another is to look at the README file found in your top-level directory on the secure FIS node (/var/spool/fis/ftp/users/yourname/README). Each time a file has been reviewed (pass or fail), an entry is added to README; you can examine the tail end of this file for the results of the review, or you can simply examine the modification time of the README file to determine if the review action has occurred