How To Use FIS

All users of FastFIS are permitted to transfer from the OCF (CZ/RZ) to the SCF. On the FastFIS server, each user has a private work space. The work space on the CZ and RZ FIS servers consists of two subdirectories named TO and FROM. The TO directory is where a user places files to be transferred to the SCF. The FROM directory is where files will appear on the SCF after transfer.

Only the procedure for a FastFIS transfer from the OCF (CZ/RZ) to the SCF is described in this section. The TapeFIS transfer from the SCF to the OCF follows a similar pattern but requires DC review. See Secure-to-Open Transfers for more information.

FIS and File Names

When FastFIS moves files from one server to another, it automatically changes some characters in each file name (not in the body of the file, just in the file name) to avoid characters troublesome to some UNIX file-handling utilities. The table below shows which file name characters are changed during a transfer.

File Name Character

Changes To

alphabetic no change
numeric no change
internal . (dot) no change
leading . (dot) _ (underscore)
All others (includes
space, hyphen, quote)
_ (underscore)

Users' file-handling scripts and commands need to take account of these changes in file name characters (on the receiving side) to avoid losing or omitting some FastFIS-transferred files. To preserve the special characters in a file's name unchanged, use the UNIX TAR utility to embed the file inside a TAR output file, transfer the TAR filewith FTP (in Binary mode, required) to FastFIS, then run TAR again on the receiving side to extract the original file with its original name. (Changing your FastFIS access software from FTP to SFTP or Hopper has no effect on the file name changes described here.)