Manage Tri-Lab Groups

Changes to LC Unix groups must be performed by a Computer Coordinator or a designated Group Approver. Coordinators and Group Approvers use the Identity Management tool, IdM to add or remove groups, and to change group membership.

End Users

To request changes, contact your coordinator or the approver for the group you want to be added to or removed from. LLNL users can find their coordinator information in My Confluence.

Coordinators and Group Approvers

Group management is done using the Identity Management tool, IdM. IdM requires one to login with an LLNL OUN (official user name, e.g., smith1234) and an LLNL RSA one-time password (pin + token).

After logging into IdM application, under Manage Unclassified or Classified Groups section, choose “Create Group” to add a new group. When the group is no longer needed return to the relevant group section in IdM and choose “Delete Group” to remove the group.

Choose “Add/Remove Group Members” in the same section in order to manage membership of a group. The list of groups for which you have access will be shown in the groups drop-down menu. See the "manage unclassified groups" page for details about using IdM to manage groups.

Tri-Lab Group Approvers

A designated set of Sandia and Los Alamos users can manage the membership of LC groups related to tri-lab projects. If you’re one of these designated tri-lab users, you will have received an LLNL RSA token.

The IDM application is the only LC resource where tri-lab users are expected to use an LLNL RSA token. Tri-lab users should continue to use their local site credentials for ssh access to LC systems or web access to the and sites -- as described on the “Logging In” page.