File Systems

The availability, accessibility, and reliability of scientific data are critical to the success of the missions that rely on our world-class computers. In addition to burst buffers and tape archives, parallel file systems are a key part of the storage triad that keeps our data safe and accessible. 


File Systems

High performance computing systems require high performance storage and LC provides it in multiple forms: Lustre, IBM Spectrum Scale, and VAST.

Lustre: LLNL contributes to the development of and supports the open source Lustre parallel file systems, which are mounted across multiple compute clusters and deliver high-performance, global access to data.

Spectrum Scale: Commonly known as GPFS, its former name, Spectrum Scale is IBM's high-performance parallel file system. GPFS is available with all the CORAL-era compute systems, such as Sierra and Lassen, and mounted on those compute and login nodes. It is also mounted on the transfer nodes in each major LC center: oslic, rzslic, and cslic.

VAST: The all-flash VAST file system is a relatively new option available to users and offers the performance of a parallel file system, but with the convenience and ease of NFS. VAST is currently mounted across  CZ systems and is also mounted on the rzslic transfer nodes.

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