Audit Manager

Hopper provides a detailed audit trail of activities it performs, including actions, connections, password operations, and server connections. Available via the Windows -> Audit Manager menu item, the Audit Manager is the place to go to see what the Hopper client is up to. While this information is very useful for debugging, it is also useful to learn what all Hopper is doing behind the scenes.

Actions Tab

The Actions Tab in the Audit Manager dialog shows all of the actions you've requested in the current Hopper session. The tab starts off with the version of Java being used and the current preference values. Then each operation requested by the user is briefly described, and any error messages from performing that operation are logged.

Connections Tab

The Connections Tab in the Audit Manager dialog shows all of the connection activity performed by the Hopper client. This includes connections in support of Hopper directory windows as well as possible connections for performing operations in parallel with other activities. Note that Hopper is multi-threaded, so to allow activities to be performed even while transfers are occurring requires multiple connections.

Passwords Tab

The Passwords Tab in the Audit Manager dialog summarizes Hopper's handling of passwords and passphrases. Hopper can manage passwords during a single session, thus minimizing password prompts.

Servers Tab

The Servers Tab in the Audit Manager dialog shows local and remote connections to Hopper servers. When running on or connecting to LC production hosts, Hopper runs a server as a detached process. This allows the client to be terminated while the server continues to perform the requested transfer, search, and other operations.

In the above example a local server was started on prism to perform a search operation, while a separate server was launched on zeus to perform an operation there.