Hopper has a Favorites mechanism for simplifying access to frequently visited hosts and directories. The concept is similar to web bookmarks. If you have a set of directories you are always jumping between, just define them as Favorites and then pop from one to the other via the Favorites menu.

Favorite connections combine the following elements: username, host, connection technology, and starting directory. So for example you can define a favorite to be a particular sub-directory in HPSS. When you access that favorite, Hopper will connect to storage and then traverse to the given directory, all in one step. Favorites can include pretty much anything Hopper can view—even a particular directory inside a tar file on a remote host!

To create a Favorite connection, just make the connection to the desired host and traverse to the desired directory. Then choose "Add Connection..." from the Favorites menu. Enter a connection name, such as "Storage:MyProject," or use the default name. Then press the Add Connection button. You will now see this connection in the Favorites menu, ready to use. If you want this connection to be made automatically when Hopper starts up, choose "Manage Favorites" from the Favorites menu, select the desired connection, click the Properties button, check the Autoconnect box, and finally click the Update button.

Favorites Manager

Once you've created favorites you can manage them from the "Manage Favorites" item in the Favorites menu.

This dialog allows you to organize your favorites into hierarchies, etc. You can also create new favorites or edit existing ones. To edit a favorite, highlight it and then click on the Properties button. The properties panel allows you to change a favorite's name, mark it to be automatically connected whenever you start Hopper, and so on.