Reviewing Disk Usage

Hopper is able to display disk usage information for any directory being viewed. Click on the "Pie Chart" image of Pie Chart in the toolbar) in the toolbar to open the disk usage pane. Note that when the disk usage pane is enabled there still is a small pane showing the "normal" view of your directories. You can adjust the relative sizes of the two panes however you like. The first time you enable the disk usage view you'll see something like the following, which indicates that the disk usage information for this directory hasn't yet been generated.

Disk usage view with no information generated yet

Disk Usage Scans

Click on the "Scan" icon (image of the Scan icon) in the lower right of the window to initiate a disk usage scan. The time it takes to generate the scan varies with the speed of the file system and the number of files you have. While the scan is underway, progress information shows the total number of files scanned and the number of files being scanned per second. Ballpark rates for scans are: 20,000/s for local disks, 500/s for NFS-mounted directories, 120/s for HPSS, and 30/s for Lustre. Your rates will vary, as caching, heavy load, and other factors can significantly impact performance. Once the scan has completed, you will see a graphical representation of the disk usage in the given directory.

Example of the graphical representation of disk usage displayed after a scan is complete

The summary information at the top of the pane shows how many directories and files are in this directory, both inclusive and exclusive. File sizes, inclusive and exclusive, and total space under this directory, are all shown. To traverse into a sub-directory just click on the directory name or the shaded bar.

Managing Disk Usage Scans

The Disk Usage Monitor lists active scans for both local and production hosts, and also allows you to terminate these scans. Display the monitor by clicking on the "Info" icon (image of Info icon) in the lower right of the disk usage pane. The Disk Usage Monitor dialog looks like this:

image of Disk Usage Monitor dialog

To get more information about a scan, hover the cursor over a line until the tooltips text is displayed. To abort an active scan, press the Abort button. To get a new list of active scans, dismiss (Close) the dialog and re-display it.

Note that when the disk usage monitor first comes up, it retrieves a list of active scans both from the local system and, in some cases, from an LC production host. This latter case can result in a username and/or password prompt in some situations. If you don't want to retrieve the list of remote scans, cancel out of the username or password prompt.