Transferring Files and Directories

Hopper uses a simple drag-and-drop mechanism for transferring files. After selecting entries and dragging to the desired destination, a drag menu will pop-up from which you can choose an operation to perform—copy, move, create HTAR file, create TAR file, synchronize, and so on. The destination directory can be in the same window or another window (possibly on a different system). The cursor icon will change to a "smiley face" () when it is over an allowed drop position. Choose Copy Here from the drag menu to initiate a copy. By default, Hopper will choose the transfer mechanism to use (SFTP, CP, FTP, etc.) using criteria such as transfer speed and minimizing authentications. Through preferences one can opt to see all of the possible transfer options and choose the desired option explicitly.

Transfer Manager Dialog

The Transfer Manager Dialog displays a one-line summary of transfer jobs initiated in the current Hopper session. By default it pops up once a transfer begins, and closes if the transfer completes without error. You can display the Transfer Manager window at any time using the Windows menu.

To see additional details about a particular transfer job, press the "info" icon or double click on the job's status line. To abort a transfer job, highlight the job(s) and press the Abort button. To adopt jobs that were initiated in previous Hopper sessions, press the Adopt Jobs button.

Transfer Monitor Dialog

The Transfer Monitor window has details about a specific transfer job, including the source and sink information, the paths requested in the transfer, the transfer rates and file counts (if available), and any diagnostic messages including errors, warnings, and comments.

To abort an active job, press the Abort button. To save all or part of the diagnostic messages, use the Save All or Save Selection buttons.