PapiEX - PAPI Execute: Command Line PAPI Measurement Tool

PapiEx is a PAPI-based program for measuring hardware performance events of an application using the command-line. It supports both PAPI preset events and native events. It supports multiple threads of execution as well, including pthreads and OpenMP threads. For MPI programs, PapiEx can gather statistics across tasks. PapiEx also measures the total time spent in I/O and MPI calls.

For PapiEx usage information, please consult the PapiEx documentation below.

Platforms and Locations

Platform Location Notes
x86_64 CHAOS 5 /usr/local/tools/papiex Multiple versions are available. Use Dotkit to load.
x86_64 TOSS 3 Not currently available Please contact the LC Hotline if you would like this installed.
BG/Q Not available  


  • Consult the PapiEx documentation (below)
  • Contact the LC Hotline to report a problem.

Documentation and References

  • PapiEx Home Page:
  • PapiEx man page on LC systems: "use papiex" then "man papiex"
  • "Measuring FLOPS Using Hardware Performance Counter Technologies on LC Systems" - located at /usr/local/docs/LCFlops.pdf