Last Verified: 2021-12-20


RasMol Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool is intended for the visualization of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules.


Machines and Versions

See LC visualization software page.


Links to the latest version exist in /usr/tce/bin

Multiple versions may be accessible via modules. Type module avail rasmol to see the available options. You can specify a particular version in the module command, e.g., module load rasmol/

The actual installation directories are in /usr/tce/packages/rasmol


The module load rasmol command will setup your PATH and any other needed environment variables.


As a convenience, you can just type rasmol to start the latest version of RasMol from /usr/tce/bin. If this does not work, try typing module load rasmol before running rasmol.


RasMol documentation can be accessed from within RasMol by typing help on the RasMol command line. Further documentation is available on the FAQ and Manual webpages.

The developers have also provided an online help contact form. This page can also be opened from the Help > User Manual menu item within RasMol.

Further LLNL specific help is available from the LC Hotline:, (925) 422-4531.


You can install RasMol on your local workstation. Installation instructions and download links for the compiled binaries and source code are available on the RasMol Installation webpage.