File System

This page contains charts on the file systems available and various machine's bandwidth to Lustre.

Both TapeFIS and OWL (one-way link) FIS are available on the iSNSI network. iSNSI TapeFIS is bidirectional and requires Derivative Classifier (DC) intervention for file transfers from Pinot to the OCF. Login examples are provided below. OWL  transfers are significantly faster but are unidirectional for transfers from CZ and RZ to the SCF.

Retrieve files on the SCF by using SFTP/SCP, FTP or Hopper to make a copy of a file from the transfer server to your local machine. Initiate the FTP client software, connect to, and complete the authentication process (by specifying a user name and SCF password). After you have connected to to, change to your FROM directory and list the file(s) in the directory.

This page provides overview information on file systems of the various LC systems. It also provides links to more detailed information.

This page lists available online tutorials related to parallel programming and using LC's HPC systems.