Intel Inspector is a code correctness tool that can identify threading and memory errors in C, C++, and Fortran codes. This tool replaces Intel's old Thread Checker tool, adding memory debugging capabilities and a standalone GUI. Inspector works by performing dynamic analysis (that is, instrumenting and analyzing execution at run time). It can detect intermittent and non-deterministic errors, even if the errors do not manifest themselves.

Gprof is a performance analysis tool used to profile applications to determine where time is spent during program execution. Gprof is included with most Unix/Linux implementations, is simple to use, and can quickly show which parts of an application take the most time (hotspots). Gprof works by automatically instrumenting your code during compilation, and then sampling the application's program counter during execution.

Allinea DDT is a powerful, easy-to-use graphical debugger capable of debugging:

HPCToolkit is an integrated suite of tools for measurement and analysis of program performance on computers ranging from multicore desktop systems to the largest supercomputers. It uses low overhead statistical sampling of timers and hardware performance counters to collect accurate measurements of a program's work, resource consumption, and inefficiency and attributes them to the full calling context in which they occur.

ParaView is an open-source, multiplatform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Intel Advisor is a prototyping tool that allows users to analyze their code and determine the costs and benefits of adding various threading models on Intel processors. It works on code written in C, C++, and Fortran, and can model parallelism using OpenMP, Intel Thread Building Blocks, and Intel Cilk Plus.

Our Development Environment Software consists of compilers and preprocessors, debugging software, memory-related software, profiling tools, tracing tools, and performance analysis tools.

The SM Tools are a set of tools developed to create and edit streaming movie files (sm).

NCAR Graphics is a Fortran and C based software package for scientific visualization. It consists of routines for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, annotations, and more.