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An LC Computer Coordinator is the point of contact between LC and the user community the Coordinator represents.

Primary Responsibilities

A Computer Coordinator

The LC Hotline will automatically subscribe you to the appropriate machine-status lists when you are given a new account on a machine. We recommend that you always use the official ID form of your e-mail address when subscribing to e-mail lists because it won't change, while e-mail aliases do change.

Logging in to LLNL Machines

Login methods vary, depending upon where you are coming from and where you want to go. The instructions below assume that the Access Prerequisites have been met. All access requires SSH (version 2) as described in Using SSH to Access LC Machines.

This page includes a table that helps determine what is needed to access classified (SCF), unclassified Collaboration Zone (OCF-CZ), and unclassified Restricted Zone (OCF-RZ) Livermore Computing (LC) systems.

Please use the Livermore Computing Identity Management System to:

  • set up new LC accounts
  • directly manage your LC accounts
  • change user location information
  • create/update/delete group
  • delete OCF/SCF user form.

Use IdM to fulfill special functions if you are a/an:

The Livermore Computing (LC) Identity Management (IdM) System automates the process of provisioning (creating and updating) and deprovisioning (deleting) user accounts across LC's multiple systems. IdM also allows the management of of accounts, groups, and LC identities for both the Open Computing Facility (OCF)—Collaboration Zone (CZ) and Restricted Zone (RZ)—and the Secure Computing Facility (SCF).

Livermore Computing users have access to several top-ranked supercomputers, each requiring specific qualifications such as clearance levels or affiliations. Users may request access to the following three computing environments:

New Account Setup outlines how to get an account on the Open Computing Facility (OCF) CZ and RZ systems and the Secure Computing Facility (SCF). You may also use the Livermore Computing (LC) Identity Management (IDM) System to request and manage accounts.

For more specific information, see: