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This page allows you to complete an online LDRD Researcher Allocation Request form.

New Account Setup outlines how to get an account on the Open Computing Facility (OCF) CZ and RZ systems and the Secure Computing Facility (SCF). You may also use the Livermore Computing (LC) Identity Management (IDM) System to request and manage accounts.

NOTE This is an unclassified form; please do not include any information that might be sensitive or classified.

This form lets you submit a request for an M&IC Expedited Priority Run. Dedicated runs will be done over weekends, from 16:00 Friday to 08:00 the following Monday.

Tri-Laboratory and University Alliance Center scientists and engineers primarily access the LLNL Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) systems through an automated resource management and accounting tool that obeys a developed policy for routine computing. When necessary, users may also receive expedited access to the systems that would allow them to run larger problems for longer periods of time.

Forms are provided for those requests not available through the LC IdM System. Interactive HTML and PDF versions are forms you complete on the Web. Non-interactive PDF versions are to print out and complete by hand.

There are several ways to obtain an allocation on an LC system: