The acceptable use policy for licensed software at Livermore Computing is summarized as follows:

Use these instructions to connect to both classified and unclassified HPC machines at LANL.

For a list of the current Sandia platforms, with links to documentation, please see https://computing.sandia.gov/platforms.

An LC Computer Coordinator is the point of contact between LC and the user community the Coordinator represents.

Primary Responsibilities

A Computer Coordinator

This page includes a table that helps determine what is needed to access classified (SCF), unclassified Collaboration Zone (OCF-CZ), and unclassified Restricted Zone (OCF-RZ) Livermore Computing (LC) systems.

We are scheduling large dedicated application runs on M&IC machines, usually during a weekend. Some of these runs may require that the entire machine be dedicated to them.

This is a policy governing the use of the /usr/gapps subdirectory, available on LC production computing resources.

The /usr/gapps file system contain user-supported files that are shared with a number of users, such as applications codes, files used to execute these codes, and source codes maintained or used by a group of LC users.

This page describes the processes for requesting the adding of printcap entries for both SCF and OCF.

This page provides links to ASC policies, LC policies, and LLNL policies.

The Livermore Computing Center recognizes that our user's work can be seriously impacted by the unavailability of systems and services. Unfortunately, some amount of interruption in service is unavoidable. The Center strives to minimize user disruption caused by scheduled interruptions for repairs, updates, installation of new equipment, troubleshooting, or preventive maintenance.