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8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

TotalView Debugging on CORAL Systems, OpenMP, Python (and more)

May 1, 2019

Date / Time May 1, 2019   10:00am - 11:30am

Building 453  Room 1001  (Armadillo Room)
Note: This is a Property Protection Area. Foreign national temporary escorted building access procedures apply.

Title TotalView debugging on CORAL systems, NVIDIA GPUs and OpenMP 4&5, TotalView/Python integration, Reverse Connect, and the TotalView Roadmap
Presenters John DelSignore, Bill Burns and Peter Thompson from Rogue Wave Software (Perforce Software)

This presentation by the Rogue Wave (Perforce) software development team will demonstrate some of the high impact improvements made as part of projects conducted in collaboration with LLNL. These projects focus on improving CORAL NVIDIA CUDA GPU and OpenMP 4&5 debugging with TotalView, TotalView/Python debugging integration, Reverse Connect plans, and updates to the New UI.

Learn some tips and techniques for debugging NVIDIA CUDA GPU and OpenMP 4&5 codes running in MPI jobs on the CORAL and CORAL EA systems. We’ll present the TotalView CUDA GPU debugging model, basic GPU debugging (start up, breakpoint planting, CUDA context selection, CUDA logical/hardware focus navigation), and how to enable CUDA-MEMCHECK and TotalView memory debugging.

We'll also provide updates on the TotalView/Python debugging integration, which allows debugging mixed Python interpreted and compiled-language (C/C++/Fortran) programs in the same TotalView debugging session.  In addition, learn about recent work to support Reverse Connect, OpenMP debugging using the new OMPD API in OpenMP 5.0, updates to the New UI, and a TotalView Roadmap update.

Finally, learn more about the support activities of TotalView specialist Peter Thompson, the LLNL Dedicated Technical Account Manager (DTAM).

What to Bring This is a presentation-only workshop - no hands-on. Attendees do not need to bring anything.
Fee No cost
Level/Prerequisites Introductory level. No prerequisites, though an existing knowledge of using TotalView would be beneficial.

No registration is required

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