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Debugging with TotalView on CORAL Sierra Systems (and a bit more)

Oct 24, 2018

Date / Time Oct 24, 2018   1:00 - 2:30pm

Building 453  Room 1001  (Armadillo Room)
Note: This is a Property Protection Area. Foreign national temporary escorted building access procedures apply.

Title Debugging with TotalView on CORAL Sierra Systems (and a bit more)
Presenter Peter Thompson, Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave TotalView developers have been working closely with LLNL, IBM, and NVIDIA to improve debugging on CORAL Sierra systems.  We have run into a number of challenges along the way and I'll be presenting the current state of debugging on these systems.   I'll cover basic debugging,  debugging specifics on CORAL Sierra systems, along with some of the issues we've run into and how these were solved.  For issues that are not yet solved, I'll cover where we stand with the problems and our current approaches.   We will dip into OMP 4 support.  I'll show the latest updates to the new GUI and also show TotalView/Python integrated debugging.   A new feature that might be useful to some developers is the addition of a 'Skip' facility, which is modeled on the skip support in gdb.  This will allow users to step over or through libraries that are needed for your programs but which you have no interest in debugging itself. We will also cover split DWARF support which can be used to reduce the size of your executable and store the debug information in a separate file.  If time allows, the TotalView road map for the near future will be discussed.

Interested developers may also contact the instructor to schedule individual meeting times while he is visiting LLNL Oct 23 thru Oct 25.  Send email to Peter Thompson at

What to Bring This is a presentation-only workshop - no hands-on. Attendees do not need to bring anything.
Fee No cost
Level/Prerequisites Introductory level. No prerequisites, though an existing knowledge of using TotalView would be beneficial.

No registration is required

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