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8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area

CORAL Early Access Systems Getting Started Workshop

April 19, 2017

Date / Time This event has already occurred.  Page is archival.
Description This workshop is intended for code teams and developers who will be using LLNL's future CORAL Sierra supercomputer. In preparation for Sierra, LC provides Early Access (EA) systems using a similar hardware and software environment. The focus of this introductory workshop is to provide basic "getting started" information for prospective users of these EA systems. Materials presented include Sierra overview, EA hardware, accounts/access, selected user environment topics, compilers, MPI, running jobs & the LSF scheduler, NVIDIA GPU topics, tools & debuggers, documentation and getting help.
Location Building 453  Room 1001  (Armadillo Room)
What to Bring This is a presentation-only workshop - no hands-on. Attendees do not need to bring anything.
Fee No cost
Level/Prerequisites Introductory level. No prerequisites.

Please email or  call Blaise Barney ( / 925-422-2578) to register.
This is particularly important for remote attendees, so that Webex connection information can be sent later.

Remote Attendees A WebEx session will be provided. Details will be sent later to all remote attendees who register.
Questions? Please call or send e-mail to Blaise Barney (925-422-2578 /


Wednesday April 19 Topic Presenter
1:00pm Welcome, logistics Blaise Barney, LLNL
1:10pm Sierra Overview and Future Plans Bronis de Supinski, LLNL
1:30pm CORAL EA Hardware and Configuration Max Katz, NVIDIA
1:55pm Accounts, Access Blaise Barney, LLNL
2:00pm User Environment Topics Blaise Barney, LLNL
2:15pm Break  
2:25pm Compilers, MPI John Gyllenhaal, LLNL
2:50pm Running Jobs, LSF scheduler Don Lipari, LLNL
3:10pm NVIDIA and GPU Topics Max Katz, NVIDIA
3:35pm Tools, Debuggers Dong Ahn, LLNL
3:50pm Q & A, Wrapup