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Looking for a challenge?  Livermore Computing offers one of the most stable, stimulating work environments anywhere. Career opportunities in system administration, visualization, and data analysis emphasize creative technology, advanced research, and multidisciplinary collaboration.


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While our world class supercomputers garner a lot of attention (we have more computers on the top 500 list as of June 2021 than any other institution!), our use of these amazing machines is enabled by the codes developed to model and simulate complex physical phenomena on massively parallel archi

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A paper in the Proceedings A of the Royal Society Publishing highlights findings by a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team on how nuclear weapon blasts close to the Earth’s surface create complications in their effects and apparent yields. The work is featured on the front cover of the pub

Nisha Mullakken

In this episode, guest Nisha Mulakken sits down with TDS to discuss COVID-19 detection and analysis.