The current version of ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) provides a complete BLAS API (for both C and Fortran77) and a very small subset of the LAPACK API. For all supported operations, the developers claim that ATLAS achieves performance on par with machine-specific tuned libraries.

ATLAS 3.8 provides C and Fortran77 interfaces to these LAPACK routines:

  • [S,D,C,Z]GESV
  • [S,D,C,Z]GETRF
  • [S,D,C,Z]GETRS
  • [S,D,C,Z]GETRI
  • [S,D,C,Z]TRTRI
  • [S,D,C,Z]POSV
  • [S,D,C,Z]POTRF
  • [S,D,C,Z]POTRS
  • [S,D,C,Z]POTRI
  • [S,D,C,Z]LAUUM

The ATLAS libraries are compiled with the GNU compiler and because there is not standard FORTRAN ABI, the ATLAS libraries may be incompatible with other compilers. When using the PGI or Intel compilers, it is recommended that you use the appropriate ACML or MKL libraries instead. To use the ATLAS BLAS library, link with:

gfortran -lf77blas -L/usr/lib64/atlas-sse3/ copy.f90

Add the appropriate -l options depending on which language and library routines you are using.