Before you begin the process of making a new account in IDM, make sure you've signed in and signed the LC policies and procedures. Refer to Getting Started With IDM for more information. 
Create Account or Group

If you have never used LC resources before or you'd like an additional LC account, you will click on Start New Request and then use the "Create Account or Group" set of requests: 


Step 1: Reserve the name for your LC account by clicking on "Reserve Name"

Reserve Name

Step 2: Create the account by clicking on "Create Account"

Create Account

By default, the "Owner" section will be populated with your OUN. If this is your first LC account, use your OUN as your Account Name. NOTEIn previous versions of IDM, account names had to be 8 characters or fewer. This is no longer the case in the new IDM. 

The Point of Contact for your account can be your group leader or computer coordinator. 

Choose your preferred shell for this account. This will be your default shell on all LC resources and can be edited later if you change your mind.

Choose your organization. If you do not know which organization is yours, ask your Computer Coordinator. A list of coordinators can be found here. If you are an LC staff member, your organization will start with "LC-[group name]".

Lastly, add a short justification for why you need this account.  

Once you submit, you can see the status of your request in your Home page. A new account creation needs to be approved by your Computer Coordinator and then provisioned by LC support. 

Active Requests, all tasks completed

Once the request is approved, it will take about 20 minutes for your new account to be created on the OCF.