LC SCF Printcap Requests

Printers are now institutionally managed and requests to add a printer to the SCF network are through

LC OCF Printcap Requests

To request a printcap entry for an LLNL printer be added to the LC OCF, please provide the following information via e-mail to the LC Hotline.

  1. Building and room in which printer is located.
  2. Name of division that owns the printer.
  3. Vendor/model of the printer.
  4. Printer IP address.
  5. Name of the printer administrator or the responsible contact person.
  6. Does the printer print banners, or do you want banners?
  7. What type of input can the printer accept? (e.g., text, PostScript, Tek)
  8. Does the printer support color?
  9. Do you want a transparency queue?