Banks and Allocations

Computing requirements vary according to the needs of the project and sophistication of the code team. To address this spectrum of needs, the Laboratory invests in a range of computing resources. Specifically, through a bank, Laboratory researchers may request access to capacity computing resources, capability computing resources, and serial computing resources.

Our allocations page explains your options for requesting time on LC systems.

Jobs and Job Limits

For all production machine clusters at Livermore Computing (LC), there are defined job limits that vary from cluster to cluster. Most job limits are enforced by the batch system, such as Slurm. These limits reflect the policy established to provide ready and equitable access to LC computing resources. Job limits are documented on LC web pages:

An easy way to determine the job limits for a machine where you are logged in is to use the command:

$ news job.lim.machinename

where machinename is the name of the machine you are logged into. Further discussion and a summary table of job limits for all production machines are available in the Queue Limits section of the Slurm and Moab tutorial.