Copy your public key to an LC *slic machine. If you are a CZ-only user, you'll want to copy your public key to oslic. If you are a CZ+RZ user, you'll want to copy your public key to rzslic. The public key you want on *slic is the same public key file generated on your local machine.

  1. You can copy your key via ssh-copy-id <LC_USERNAME>@<MACHINENAME>.
    • If this works, you are done!
    • If ssh-copy-id does not work from your local machine, use scp as described in step 2.
  2. Log in to *slic (oslic, rzslic, or cslic) and check to see if you have a file called $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys.
    • If authorized_keys does not exist on *slic, copy your public key file via scp to authorized_keys on *slic.
      • The syntax will look something like
        scp $HOME/.ssh/ <LC_USERNAME>@<*>:<LC_HOME_DIR>/.ssh/authorized_keys
      • As an example, this might look like
        scp $HOME/.ssh/
    • If authorized_keys does exist on *slic,

      • Copy $HOME/.ssh/ to a file of another name on *slic, using the syntax from the last step. This might look like
        scp $HOME/.ssh/
      • While on *slic in $HOME/.ssh, append the contents of the newly created public key file to authorized_keys, via
        cat <public key filename> >> authorized_keys

      For example, you might run

      cat >> authorized_keys