The acceptable use policy for licensed software at Livermore Computing is summarized as follows:

  • Commercial licenses are available for use by all LC users.
  • LC users may run multiple copies/instances and use multiple licenses of commercial codes.
  • LC may at times need to kill jobs to free up commercial licenses for other users, although this is only done under special circumstances.
  • LC will review current license usage, and if LC observes excessive use of a commercial code by a user (more than 1 instance), LC staff may call the user and request release of a license on behalf of another user.
  • LC encourages users to view license status files to determine license availability. If none are available, the user may contact LC to see if one can be made available.

LC provides copies of licensed software for use by LC users. Because the number of copies, or licenses, available for each product is limited, on occasion a user will try to use the software but be unsuccessful because all the licenses are in use. If a user finds that no licenses are available for a particular package, the user should check the status file for the package from any production system. Each application has its own unique file as listed below.


Each file will list the total number of licenses issued and the number of licenses in use. If all licenses are in use for the package of interest, the user may contact the LC Hotline (or LC Operations after hours) to determine if a license could be made available. This may not be possible, however, because licenses are issued on a first come, first served basis.)