To aid users in the transfer of files between the Tri-Lab sites, there are tools available on each site's data transfer cluster (LLNL's cslic cluster, LANL's redcap cluster and SNL's lynxs cluster. The tools provide access to a remote site's HPSS (for file system to archive transfers) or to a remote site's data transfer cluster (for file system to file system transfers).

The diagram below lists the names of the tools available and illustrates the target connection.

Diagram of transfer paths
Originating Lab Method Receiving Lab
DISCOM Classified Network pftp2redcap LANL File Systems
hsi2lanl, htar2lanl, pftp2lanl LANL HPSS
pftp2cslic LLNL File Systems
hsi2llnl, htar2llnl, pftp2llnl LLNL HPSS
pftp2lynx SNL File Systems
hsi2smss, htar2smss, pftp2smss SNL HPSS

See for documentation on hsi, htar, and pftp.