The visualization team develops and supports tools for visualizing and presenting scientific data generated by users of the LC high-performance computing Center. Team members are experienced in the use of graphics libraries and environments ranging from "turn-key" tools (e.g. EnSight, AVS, Tecplot, VisIt) to visualization libraries (e.g., IDL and OpenGL) to utilities such as plotting packages and image conversion programs. A complete listing of supported graphics software is also available. This includes information about each of the products, how to set up your environment to run the software, documentation pointers, and information on installing a local copy of the software if applicable.


  • Consulting on scientific visualization issues (demos, classes, getting started, visualization advice)
  • Troubleshooting graphics-related problems
  • Maintaining a graphics environment, including software, that is current and consistent across LC computing platforms


  • Creating scientific visualizations using a variety of commercial tools
  • Developing customized visualization applications for end users
  • Providing domain-specific visualization techniques

PowerWall Facilities

PowerWalls are multi-projector displays that are both physically large and very high in resolution. The ASC program built and maintains four PowerWall facilities. Two of these are part of the Secure Computing Facility (SCF). The two unclassified PowerWalls are located in the Building 453 Armadillo Room and the Building 451 White Room. The PowerWalls are used for demonstrations at high-level reviews, press conferences, and visits. They may also be used by scientists who wish to show their visualizations on a high-resolution display.


For questions about the visualization hardware and software, contact the LC Hotline at extension 2-4531 or by e-mail to