We are scheduling large dedicated application runs on M&IC machines, usually during a weekend. Some of these runs may require that the entire machine be dedicated to them.

Generally we will set NORUNNEW at 15:45 Friday to prepare for starting the DAT at 1600—running jobs may be removed at about 15:50, using a 10-minute LCRM grace time signal, to make room for the DAT jobs. Specific plans for each dedicated run will be announced in a news item and sent to the appropriate status email list. Generally, DAT time will be completed by 08:00 the following Monday morning.

During DAT time, if the DAT is a full machine run, interactive work may still be done on the login nodes and in the pdebug partition. If it is not a full run, other users may run batch jobs on the remaining pbatch nodes.

DAT requests for other than weekends require approval by the M&IC management (Greg Tomaschke) or by other LC management (Terri Quinn). Any requests for conflicting runs (e.g., for same time frame) will also be resolved by M&IC management. DAT usage will be tracked separately from normal bank allocations. Over time, the allocation of DAT to each effort group will be roughly proportional to the normal time allocations for M&IC machine.