2023 Speaker Topic
June Matt Leininger CTS-2 Update
John Gyllenhaal TOSS 4 /usr/tce programming environment
John Consolati Tri-lab cross-site Continuous Integration (CI)
Tim Fahey LC systems status
2022 Speaker Topic
September Matt Leininger CTS-2 Hardware Update
John Gyllenhaal CTS-2 Development Environment Update
June Zeke Morton Persistent Data Services and LaunchIT 
Cameron Harr Globus Endpoint on the LLNL Green Network
Ryan Day Flux Status at LC
Tim Fahey Systems Status
2020 Presenter Title
December Ryan Day FLUX
Dave Fox Enabling Workflows in Livermore Computing
Thomas Mendoza GitLab Overview
Todd Heer Remote Computing Enablement and You
David Smith LC Systems Update
2019 Presenter Title
March Tim Fahey /p/lustre and /p/gpfs quotas
David Smith 2/19 LC Systems Status
John Gyllenhaal Sierra Update
Matt Leininger Corona Update
2018 Presenter Title
Tim Fahey /p/lustre* File System Rollout
John Gyllenhaal Sierra Systems Software Status (no slides available)
Dave Smith 8/19 LC Systems Status
Cameron Harr RealVNC
Adam Bertsch Sierra Status
John Gyllenhaal Sierra Systems Software Status
Dave Smith 2/18 LC Systems Status
Cameron Harr LC Lustre Status
Trent D'Hooge B654 Status
2016 Presenter Title
Dave Fox 9/16 LC Systems Update
Ned Bass 9/16 Update on Lustre Filesystems at LC
John Gyllenhaal Migrating to CTS-1 and TOSS 3's Tri-Lab Common Environment (TCE)
Tim Fahey Overview
Matt Leininger CTS-1 Update
Greg Lee TOSS 3 Development Environment
Jerry Shoopman FY16 Archive Disk Cache Expansion
2015 Presenter Title
Tim Fahey Agenda and FastFIS
Dave Fox 4/15 LC Systems Update
Marc Stearman 4/15 Update on Lustre Filesystems
Dong Ahn New Totalview Support Mode
2014 Presenter Title
Tim Fahey Agenda and Confluence Update
Dave Fox 2/14 LC Systems Update
John Gyllenhaal Mitigating Extremely Slow Corner Cases in the GNU Math Libraries on TLCC2 and BG/Q
Marc Stearman 2/14 Update on Lustre Filesystems at LC
Tim Fahey Agenda and FastFIS
Kim Cupps Future Systems Update
Matt LeGendre Scalable Library Loading with SPINDLE
Marc Stearman Update on Lustre Filesystem at LC
Kim Cupps File System Improvement Plan