Last Verified: 2023-12-19


Gnuplot is a command-driven interactive function and data plotting program for 2D and 3D graphics.


Machines and Versions

See LC visualization software page.


Links to the latest version exist in /usr/tce/bin

Multiple versions may be accessible via modules. Type module avail gnuplot to see the available options. You can specify a particular version in the module command, e.g., module load gnuplot/5.2.7

The actual installation directories are in /usr/tce/packages/gnuplot

Links to an older version exist in /usr/bin


The module load gnuplot command will setup your PATH and any other needed environment variables.


As a convenience, you can just type gnuplot to start the latest version of gnuplot from /usr/tce/bin. If this does not work, try typing module load gnuplot before running gnuplot.


Documentation on gnuplot can be found on the man page. Simply type man gnuplot to view this information.

The gnuplot user manual and other useful documents are available via the gnuplot homepage.

Help is available from the LC Hotline:, (925) 422-4531.


Refer to the gnuplot download page for information on downloading gnuplot.