Site Packages

For each Python version, LC supports a set of modules, also known as site-packages, generally beneficial to our user community. Our package selection process begins when a package is requested by a user. LC first studies if it can generally benefit the Python users on the LC machines before committing to install and maintain it. If it turns out to be too specific to the individual requester, we recommend that this user make a side-installation and add the installation path to their Python module search path via the PYTHONPATH environment variable, or that the user use virtualenv to manage their own Python environment (instructions for both options here). Users should not hesitate to ask the LC Hotline for specific packages, as it helps keep track of what users require. LC will also help with the installation if any issues arise when trying to build a package for one's self.

In general, a python installation can be queried for the list of packages by running python3 -m pip list --format=columns. Moving forward (i.e., TOSS 4, we will no longer publish the list here, but rather suggest the users run the above python3 -m pip list --format=columns command to see the full list for a given python installation.