Forms are provided for those requests not available through the LC IdM System. Interactive HTML and PDF versions are forms you complete on the Web. Non-interactive PDF versions are to print out and complete by hand.

ASC Program Access Forms for Resources and New User Accounts

ASC Dedicated Application Time Request Requests an Expedited Priority Run on Quartz or Sierra See also:
Policies for Expedited Priority Runs on LLNL ASC Platforms
SARAPE (Synchronized Account Request Automated ProcEss Requests guest access to an ASC computer or engineering application Please also see the Foreign Nationals at LLNL Web site.
Related forms:

Computing Facility Access

OCF/SCF Create/Update User Account in IdM Creates or updates a user account on the OCF/SCF machines, including the storage system. This is a required electronic process for new and returning users to the open environment.
An approved EZID Request and successful completion of CS0149-W (both require yearly renewal) is needed for all collaborators that wish to get/maintain LC resources. Foreign National collaborators must be approved by the CSO.
Please also see the Foreign Nationals at LLNL Web site.
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M&IC Access Forms for Resources and Account Authorization

LDRD Researcher Allocation Request Requests M&IC allocation for LDRD projects  
M&IC Dedicated Application Time Request Requests M&IC Expedited Priority Run. (DAT Form) Related Forms:

Miscellaneous Forms

Entrust Account Creates or renews a classified account, including a classified Entrust account. There is no longer an LC form: see
File Interchange Service (FIS) Authorizes you to move unclassified files to the secure side, move unclassified files from the secure to the open side, or both.
Remote Access Request in EZid An approved Remote Access Request is required for U.S. citizen collaborators (non-LLNL collaborators sponsored by an LLNL employee) for the following remote access accounts: VPN-C, VPN, VPN-B. These types of accounts for Foreign National collaborators must be approved by the CSO.
Unrestricted GDO Acknowledgment Requests access to the systems within the Livermore Computing (LC) Green Data Oasis (GDO) Facility.
Unrestricted Hyperion Acknowledgment Request access to the Livermore Computing (LC) Hyperion System

Special Privileges, Authorities, and Staff-only Forms

File Interchange Service DC Pool Requests Derivative Classifier pool changes
Root Equivalent Account Request Creates root equivalent access (referred to as root access) for an individual on OCF and SCF systems
UNIX World Permissions Exemption Form Requests UNIX World Read (r), Write (w), Execute (x) permissions and must be approved by the programmatic Associate Director

User and Web Applications

USR_GAPPS Changes USR_GAPPS attributes. The GAPPS directory allows sharing of user-supported application codes across all LC platforms. For more info, see the /usr/gapps File System Web page and the LC Policy for Use of /usr/gapps. Related Forms: