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Mathematical Software

This Mathematical Software Overview compares the chief mathematical subroutine libraries available and explains the lookup and support tools (including reference manuals) that help you use those libraries effectively. It also introduces a few important, commercial, interactive math tools available at LC.

The belief behind LC's approach to mathematical software support is that computational tasks required in a wide variety of applications share common, mathematically defined features to which general purpose techniques can be applied. This results in a long-term overall cost savings through software reuse and reduced duplication of effort. This approach was long embodied in LC's former Mathematical Software Support Service (MSS) and its predecessor groups. It is still reflected in the surviving products of those groups, including local libraries (such as PMATH) and local self-help sites for numerical mathematics software, such as the LINMath Web site. In addition, LC maintains math libraries in compiled (object) form, mostly from commercial vendors, on its machines. This document surveys those libraries and sites, compares their features, and offers links to current reference documentation.

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