Want to keep up with all the news around Livermore Computing? There are numerous ways:

Messages of the Day

The messages of the day (also known as MOTDs) are listed after you log in to any machine. They are specific to a machine.

External News

For external news, see our HPC News feed.

System News

News items are listed when you log in to any machine.

  • To read a news item, type: news item_name
  • To list unread news items: news -n
  • To display the contents of all news items: news -a | more
  • To list the names of all news items: news -la
  • To read a particular news item: news filename
  • To save a news item to a file: news filename > newfilename

Technical Bulletins

Technical bulletins provide three types of information:

  1. They alert users to changes and new policies.
  2. They announce training classes and workshops being offered on how to use LC hardware and software.
  3. They describe the agendas for the LC monthly user meetings. Every bulletin is posted to the Technical Bulletins Archive.

Training Events (aka Workshops)

On-site WorkshopsThroughout the year, Livermore Computing (LC) offers on-site workshops focusing on parallel programming, parallel tools, and the use of its High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Introductory level workshops are intended for new users, with the goals of improving LC user productivity and minimizing the obstacles typically encountered by new users of such complex systems. Introductory level workshops typically include both lectures and hands-on exercises using the actual machines. Other workshops are targeted towards more experienced users and can cover a range of topics related to new technologies, performance/programming tools, ASC cross-platform training, and other topics as requested by LC users, researchers, and staff. These workshops may or may not include "hands-on" exercise time. Most hands-on workshops are held in the Laboratory Training Center. Lecture only training can be scheduled in other venues as needed.

Tri-lab Cross-Platform Workshops—LC collaborates with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory to develop and deliver cross-platform ASC parallel computing workshops. These workshops can be delivered at any of the Tri-lab sites and can include information specific to more than one ASC architecture. Like the on-site workshops, these workshops typically include both lectures and hands-on exercises using the actual ASC machines.

ASC Alliance Remote Workshops—ASC Alliances are invited to work with LC to deliver workshops at their respective sites. These workshops may be comprised of lectures and hands-on exercises covering any LC ASC platform, or they may also include cross-platform training similar to the Tri-lab workshops.

Suggestions?—LC is interested in what kind of training the user community would like. Please send your suggestions for workshop and/or online tutorial topics to hpc-tutorials@llnl.gov.

User Meeting Viewgraphs

The purpose of the LC customer/user meetings is to share information about LC software and hardware issues and get feedback from customers about these issues or plans. Short, informal presentations are regularly given by customers summarizing the work being done on LC machines, so LC staff and other customers can better utilize the resources. The viewgraphs from the customer meetings, always posted to the User Meeting Presentations Archive after the meeting, provide information about the current status of production machines and updates on machines under development.

Internal Communications

LC folks—Don't forget to check out our High Performance Communication: An LC Internal Newsletter for more LC news.