An LC Computer Coordinator is the point of contact between LC and the user community the Coordinator represents.

Primary Responsibilities

A Computer Coordinator

  • Has signature authority.
  • Is familiar with LC Web pages, including technical bulletins, machine status, and documentation sources.
  • Is able to disseminate LC computer-related information to users in a fast and effective manner.
  • Has accounts on LC machines and is familiar with the computing environment.
  • Is the point of contact in the annual revalidation of LC computer users.
  • Verifies users are current on unclassified and classified training in LTRAIN.
  • Verifies users have relevant approved CAAS plans.
  • Should attend the LC customer meetings.

In some cases, the Coordinator

  • Is responsible for managing her or his organization's bank accounts.
  • Is the point of contact for requests for foreign national access to LC computing resources.

Account Requests and Relevant Forms

LC Computer Coordinators should know how to request LC accounts and be familiar with the forms most often required for LC machine access. Accounts are requested and managed through the LC Identity Management System. For a complete list of all LC user forms, see Livermore Computing Forms and Policies.

Additional Information

List of All LC Computer Coordinators