Last Verified: 2023-12-20

NOTE Tecplot 360 not currently available on CORAL systems.


Tecplot 360 is a product from Tecplot, Inc. Tecplot 360 is visualization software with a complete suite of XY, 2D, 3D and animation capabilities for visualizing simulation data. For a detailed list of features, please check the Tecplot 360 web page.


Machines and Versions

See LC visualization software page.


Links to the latest version exist in /usr/tce/bin

Multiple versions may be accessible via modules. Type module avail tecplot to see the available options. You can specify a particular version in the module command, e.g., module load tecplot/2023.1.0.

The actual installation directories are in /usr/tce/packages/tecplot.


On the LC machines, the module load tecplot command will setup your PATH and any other needed environment variables.

On a local Linux workstation, be sure to follow the Installation Guide instructions as noted below for additional variable setup.


As a convenience, you can just type tec360 to start the latest version of Tecplot from /usr/tce/bin. If this does not work, try typing module load tecplot before running tec360.

OpenGL Support / Software Rendering

OpenGL support over X forwarding is limited. If running Tecplot directly on the clusters isn't working properly, please try using the command tec360 --mesa to switch to software rendering, or use a remote desktop viewer like NICE DCV.


Tecplot 360 manuals, FAQ's, Support Notes, tutorials, and other helpful information can be accessed from Tecplot's Support web page. You may use the LLNL Tecplot 360 license number in your support requests. The license number can be found by running Tecplot 360 on one of LC's machines and selecting the Help > Tecplot 360 EX Licensing menu item, or by contacting

Help is also available from Help menu within the Tecplot application.

Further LLNL specific help is available from the LC Hotline:, (925) 422-4531.

Download and Local Installation

If you have an account on the LC platforms, you can install Tecplot 360 on your local LLNL workstation and use the LC license.

Tecplot 360 can be downloaded from the Tecplot Downloads page after you register for a free user account with Tecplot. Alternatively, to avoid having to wait through Tecplot's account request process (which may take up to two business days), LC users can download the installer from the CZ Confluence page. If you do not see the installer you are looking for, please contact

For detailed installation instructions for each individual platform, please refer to the Installation Guide (available from the Tecplot Documentation page).


The first time you launch Tecplot 360 EX after a fresh installation, you will be prompted to enter your license information. You will also see this dialog if Tecplot 360 EX cannot validate your license information (for example, because your evaluation license has expired, or because the network license server is not available). Additionally, you may change your license information at any time from the Help menu.

In order to use LC's Tecplot license, you will need to setup the connection to the Network license server.

Example of Network License Setup Window
Licensing window screenshot

For the unclassified network, enter the following information:

License server name:   elsie3
        Port number:   28530

For the classified network, enter the following information:

License server name:   elmer3
        Port number:   28530