LC Hotline: 2-4531

From offsite: (925) 422-4531



8am–12pm, 1–4:45pm
B453 R1103 | Q-clearance area


LSF Commands

  • bhist: display info from completed jobs
  • bhosts: display hosts and their static and dynamic resources
  • bjobs: display your jobs in the scheduling queues, one job per line
  • bjobs -aps: display the factors that comprise a job's scheduling priority
  • bjobs -l <jobID>: display detailed information about a specific job
  • bjobs -u all: display all jobs in the scheduling queues, one job per line
  • bkill: remove a job from the queue or kill it if it is running
  • bkill -s <signal>: send a signal to a running job
  • bmod: modify a job's requirements
  • bpeek: display the stdout and stderr output of a running job
  • bqueues: display the available queues
  • bresume: re-enable a suspended job for scheduling
  • bstop: suspend a pending job from being scheduled to run
  • bsub: submit a batch script to LSF
  • bsub -Ip: request an interactive job allocation
  • bsub -XF xterm: request to launch an xterm window
  • bugroup: display user groups (charge accounts) and membership
  • lshosts: display hosts and their static resource information