Parallel File Systems

This page contains information on both the Lustre and GPFS file systems. Most LC machines use Lustre, an open source parallel file system. However, the Coral machines came with GPFS instead of Lustre, so now we have both file systems in house. GPFS is IBM's parallel file system (currently known as Spectrum Scale).


To understand Lustre quotas and GPFS quotas (aka "Tiers"), please refer to the March 2019 User Presentation on this topic.

GPFS File System

In all cases, the GPFS filesystems exist only on their individual clusters.

Zone Machine Mount Capacity (PiB)


Ray /p/gscratchr 1.3
Lassen /p/gpfs1 24
RZ RZManta /p/gscratchrzm 0.43
RZAnsel /p/gpfs1 1.5
SCF Shark /p/gscratchs 0.43
Sierra /p/gpfs1 140


Lustre File System 

NOTE Large systems such as Quartz, Jade, RZTopaz, and Zin have significantly more bandwidth to Lustre.

CZ File System Mount Capacity (PiB)
lustre1 /p/lustre1 (/p/czlustre1 on rzslic) 15
lustre2 /p/lustre2 (/p/czlustre1 on rzslic) 15
lustre3 /p/lustre3 (only on oslic, rzslic, surface, pascal) 4.9
RZ File System
Capacity (PiB)
lustre1 /p/lustre1 7.5
SCF File System Mount Capacity (PiB)
lscratch1 /p/lscratch1 (only on oldcslic, sequoia, max) 48
lustre1 /p/lustre1 15
lustre2 /p/lustre2 15
SNSI File System Mount Capacity (PiB)
lustre1 /p/lustre1 2.5