This section of the site hosts tutorials and user guides. For information about training events and workshops, user meetings, and technical bulletins, see the Updates and Events section.

User Documentation

Information on is considered official Livermore Computing documentation. If you have questions or concerns about this information or anything that links from this site to another LLNL site, please contact the LC Hotline at 925-422-4531 option 1 for verification.

Tutorials (a.k.a. Training Materials)

Most tutorials are kept online. They cover a range of topics related to parallel programming and using LC's HPC systems.

User Guides

Beyond the training tutorials, we also have several user guides (aka user manuals) online dealing with a variety of topics.

LC New Employee Resources

This is our general user site. For LC staff-specific information, check out our new employee resources, located on Confluence, a wiki which enables new employee questions and issues to be crowd-sourced. Also on Confluence is our new acronyms page.  Please contribute to keeping it fresh, as the previous acronyms page was sorely out of date.