File Systems

Home Directories

  • All production OCF and SCF LC systems share home directories that reside on global file system /g, NFS mounted from several dedicated servers.
  • See EZFILES and Home Directories for details.

Parallel File Systems

Temporary File Systems

  • Various temporary file systems (global and local) are for system use, temporary storage of I/O local to each machine, or large temporary storage for I/O shared among many machines.
  • See EZFILES and Temporary File Systems for details.

/usr/workspace File Systems

  • 2 TB of NFS mounted file space is provided for each user and group.
  • These file systems are similar to home directories, but are not backed up. For details, see EZFILES and /usr/workspace File Systems.

/usr/gapps and /usr/gdata File Systems

Archival Storage Hardware

File System Status