In addition to our Tutorials, users of Livermore Computing (LC) systems have access to several types of user information and documentation. Questions may be directed to the LC Hotline via e-mail or via telephone at (925) 422-4531. 

User Guides

In addition to sharing information provided by commercial software vendors, ASC collaborators, and standard UNIX sources, LC publishes its own documentation, listed below, that primarily addresses those tasks, tools, and techniques important to LC users but neglected by other documentation providers.

User Guide
Accessing LC Systems
Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Using Hopper (see also Hopper Help)
Using Hierarchical Storage Interface (HSI)
Using HPSS Tape Archiver (HTAR)
Using LC Archival Storage (formerly titled EZSTORAGE)
Using LC File Interchange Service (FIS)
Using LC File Systems (formerly titled EZFILES)
Using the LC Identity Management System
Using LC Print Services (formerly titled EZOUTPUT)
Using Network File Transport (NFT)