Creating a new LC group is a multi-step process that any IDM user can perform.

Step 1: Login

Log into the new IDM and authenticate via LC OAuth.

Step 2: Start New Request

  1. Click the "Start New Request" buttonstart new request button


  2. Users will see a  "Create Account or Group" section in IDM. Select "Create Group".
Create Group item on Requests page

Step 3: Reserve the name of the group

Click on the "here" link above the Group Name field to reserve the name for the group.

Create Group dialog box
Reserve Name dialog box

Enter the name of the desired group and the OUN of the person who will be the designated owner for the group.

Step 4: Create the group

Provide details for the new group.

Create Group dialog box
  1. Choose the group name that matches the reserved group name from Step 3 above.
  2. Select the network(s) to which this group should be made available.
  3. Choose the organization associated with this group.
  4. Select one or more people who will be responsible for approving changes to this group, including membership.

Step 5: Add or remove group members

See: IDM—Add or Remove Group Members